It Tilts

TILTIP is a versatile, patented*, comparatively low cost truck body that integrates tipping & tiltiing into a single tray.

It Tips

With TILTIP Design there are no weight penalties compared with traditional tipper body construction, and TILTIP is far lighter and less expensive than conventional Tilt Trays currently available on the Australian Market.

Dual Function

Incorporating a 14 degree extendable tray, TILTIP is a faster and safer process of loading and unloading of equipment and machinery.

Tilta Industries recommends clients complete Tiltip Registration recording corporate fleet reference / vehicle registration and service personal details for future product and warranty support

Regions: National, NSW, Qld
TILTIP Head Quarters
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Murwillumbah NSW 2484
Email: Tony Hall
Phone: 0412 723 523
Fax: 02 6672 5735

TILTIP: the Concept

The concept of dual tilt tray and tip truck functionality has been designed to provide the operator with a safe and efficient workplace addressing known health and safety issues associated with the use of portable loading ramps to gain access on and off conventional tippers utilized to position ancillary equipment to and from construction sites and or corporated depots.

“New TILTIP Bodies have been installed on UD, Hino, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu Cab Chassis for Local Government, Landscaping and Earth Moving Sectors, and Queensland RoadTek.”

TILTIP technology can be regarded as World’s Best Practice providing management the opportunity to introduce proactive risk management initiatives within the construction and government sectors. Accident statistics clearly identify mobile loading ramps as a contributing factor causing serious injury requiring extended periods of hospitalisation and rehabilitation for the unfortunate operator.

Tilta Industries have been granted International Patents:

Australian Patent Registration No. 2006257766
New Zealand Patent Reg. No. 565004
Europe; 1896292
United States America; 11/917225

Tiltip Trade Mark Registration 1288455